Dal conformismo al confronto. Una riflessione arendtiana

Maria Felicia Schepis


My paper was inspired by Hannah Arendt to induce a reflection on the homo democraticus in a mass society. The philosopher points out that this figure, who is generally oriented to a passive and “conformist” behaviour always at risk of favouring authoritarian political formulas, can also build a political space contrasting the tyranny of the unique thought. This happens if he acts with others through the dialogical "confrontation”, which prevents the fusion of singularities with the Whole. It is an invitation to exercise the kantian “thinking wide”: extraordinary instrument of resistance in “dark times”.

Parole chiave

Politics; Mass society; Conformism; Confrontation; Thinking

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.13129/2785-7301/1.2022.113-128


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