Teilhard de Chardin: «questa generazione gettata nel crogiuolo»

Margherita Geniale


One hundred years ago European states faced each other during the last war with infantry in the trenches, the first to use unconventional weapons of mass extermination. By waging war, the European orders inaugurated their decline. Maria Stella Barberi and Giuseppe Fornari consider the emblematic case of the Italian defeat of Caporetto from different perspectives. They capture the existential and theological-political criticalities of an epochal clash. For Teilhard de Chardin the intuition arising from the vision of suffering can be traced back to the conscious need to entrust oneself to the mediation of Christ. The only possibility to go into the death’s mystery without getting lost in it.

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European War; Caporetto; Decline; Suffering; Mystery

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.13129/2785-7301/1.2022.159-168


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